Rabu, 25 Juli 2012


i am Sultan Musiaan. i am from Makasar. i am thirteen years old. i live on jl poncokesumo no 25 Surakarta with my uncle. i study at SMP Harapan Baru. i sit in 7 class. i usually go to school on foot because my uncle's house is not so far from school. it is about 200 meters. i like watching football game in the field. but my hobby is playing music. i like slow rock music very much. what about you?

Answer the question.
1. who is the writer of the text?
A. a student
B. Sultan Musiaan
C. Poncokesumo
D. Uncle
2. Where does he from?
A. Makasar
B. Surakarta
C. SMP Harapan Baru
D. Yogyakarta

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